Monday, December 16, 2013

a real life, color in the lines, playhouse

Sage has the best little friends, who have the best mamas, who give the best bday gifts. Little Sophie gave this cardboard color-house to Sage for her bday and OH MY GOSH it's the best thing since I don't even know what!

My niece Carly came over the other day and they sat and colored this thing for hours. Sage looked over at me and said "this thing is taking tooooo many minutes to color!"  Even after "tooooo many minutes" it was no where near being finished.  I secretly love the time factor, it gives us all the chance to do it together, on and off, throughout the day. Not to mention that they literally play in it nonstop...who would've thought a cardboard playhouse would be so much fun?!

Thank you so much Sandee and sure know how to pick the good ones! :-)

***Oh and she said she got it at Michaels craft store! You can also find them online, at amazon and discovery kids (but Im not sure they are as good of a deal as at Michaels craft store).

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