Sunday, September 22, 2013

colorful gardening...

So this whole "taking care of your yard" gig is a little out of my comfort zone. From drip systems, and how much water each plant the sun and where to plant each bush, flower, shrub, and tree according to how much UV it requires. Thinking about it gives me anxiety.

This whole thing would be much easier if all plants just required the same amount of water and sun...oh and they stayed trimmed and perfect all by themselves haha. Maybe in my next life?!

My grass is dying. We layed about two months ago and its got huge dead spots. Not to mention we've got a massive amount of beautiful mushrooms growing everywhere. Come to find out, we are watering it TOO much?! Now I'm thinking synthetic grass sounds quite glorious. :-)

Anyways, at least having your own yard means you can get fun little gardening's a few of my faves as of lates:

4.Gardening for Dummies...well yep because I need this
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