Monday, February 18, 2013

as of lates...and a colorful encounter with big balloons

Mr. Sinus Infection came to visit me this last week...and decided to stick around and give of himself freely to practically every member of my family. I tell ya, when it rains it pours around here and geez I hadn't felt that under the weather in a long time. Thankfully, on Saturday when my ear was pounding like crazy I decided to head into urgent care and get it taken care of. Thank the heavens above for modern medicine!!!

I felt so bad b/c I told my husband that I would plan the whole VDay night...complete with putting the babes to bed and me fixing his favorite meal/dessert... Welp, that didn't happen considering I felt as if I were dying a slow painful death. It always feels worse at the beginning right?!

Needless to say I am starting to feel much much better that we ventured out to see the progress of our home and surprisingly got our very own hot air balloon show right in our future neighborhood! IT was SO neat to watch them come so close (one was ON TOP of the houses) and than to watch them land. They actually tip over and the people inside have to climb out and than a car comes and picks them up at their location! Just a random fact for ya this Presidents Day holiday :-)

Here's a little video...of our colorful encounter (don't mind my sexy sick man voice...)

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  1. so cool! i had a sinus infection too. and over the last two weeks both kids had ear infections. i hate being sick and when everyone else gets it too. so annoying!

  2. How neat Aarean! It was a beautiful day today. We went to La Jolla and watched the hang gliders at Gliderport with the kids. Similar, in a way I suppose? I can't believe that was in your future neighborhood though!
    Sorry you've been sick. :(

  3. I've had a sinus infection too and being pregnant means I can't use the good meds-- sucks! Hope you're feeling better by now. I'm confused, btw-- thought you were already in a new house? Or are you in the process of building one? Either way, I hope you'll do a house tour!

    1. I am finally feeling better thank the heavens above! Oh and about we sold our condo faster than we thought...and our home isn't done being built until June so from now until then we are living at my in laws while they are in Iowa serving a mission until this summer. So it all worked out quite perfectly! :-) sorry about the confusion haha

  4. Hot air balloons are my favorite! I even got engaged in one. Hope you feel better soon!


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