Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spotlight: Angela Hardison

I met Angela many years ago...she came to visit some of her friends in college who happened to be my roommates! Coincidence? I'd like to think not :-)
She is a creative guru who has her own freelance business that specializes in brand identity and much more!

Here she shares some insight on where she gets her color inspiration from.  
So without further adieu...

Color is the language I speak best...Color sings to me. 

-Vera Neumann

"The quote above is one of my favorites because it's so true for me. Color is my favorite tool. I like to use a lot of it -- in my design work, decorating at home, with the clothes I wear, the photos I take, and more. It immediately sets the mood and invokes emotions in a way that few things can. I love the joy that color brings into our lives every day. 

Some of my favorite ways to gather color inspiration are just by flipping through a Pantone color swatchbook, reading other blogs, finding vintage fabric and patterns, and of course - looking to nature. The beauty and color in fruits and vegetables never fails to amaze me. As I started to document my goal to eat more raw foods (here), I discovered that I felt so much better when I was eating a rainbow of natural foods.

Here's to bringing more color into our lives in every possible way!"

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  1. Wow these colors are VERY inspirational. So much fun. =)


  2. Gorg. blog! I, too, am obsessed with color! To answer your Q, I used my 35mm 1.8 lens. It is glued to my camera, I love it!

  3. love her blog, too. that is wonderful. your blog is too fun - happy to subscribe! you are beautiful, too! :)

  4. I struggle with color, but I'm getting better!

  5. Glad you stopped by my blog! I am a new follower of yours as well! Glad to be here. :)

  6. Hey, Angela is my husband's really good friend's sister. Does that make sense? Small world.

  7. So happy that you stopped by! Your blog is lovely and I love that it's about color :)

  8. You have such a fantastic blog. I'm glad you stopped by so I could find you.

  9. Hi there! And thanks for stopping by my blog too! I'm really liking your blog as well. I agree that color, and music, both are very powerful tools that create movement in our minds and hearts. :) Also going to follow up on your blog about healthy eating. Everything looks so yummy!

  10. Gorgeous blog, all the best with it! Thanks for stopping by mine and introducing yourself! Janell

  11. Beautiful blog! I'll be back often!! :)

  12. It was so nice meeting you as well!! I am loving your blog, I can't wait to see more eye candy. I look forward to seeing you again soon,

  13. Oh goodness I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier...I'm off to peruse your archives! :)

  14. You have SUCH a neat blog! And I agree with this post- color is a powerful thing.

  15. Hi Arean,
    thanks for stopping my blog!I love the idea of colours as the main theme, very nice :)
    I'm your follower now, I hope you will too.

  16. Oh wow Aarean! I love your blog, it is gorgeous. Thanks for your lovely comment. From your newest follower, Angela at Sew La Ti Embroidery xx


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