Wednesday, September 16, 2015

San Fran as we know it

Hi there! We have currently been making ourselves at home in the Golden City (aka San Francisco) for the next few weeks. I know I had mentioned it on my instagram...but I never got around to posting about our vagabond-ish lives for the next few months.

Because of a few changes with my husbands work...we decided to sell our home in San Diego and go where we were (or should I say will be) needed. I was so sad to leave San Diego for so many reasons, it's one of the greatest places to live in the whole world! We have family, and so many dear friends that we left behind.

It's funny, right when me and my little family started feeling very comfortable and settled, almost complacent with the way life was was turned a little upside down. However, I am slowly realizing that change is hard, but a lot of times it is good. It has forced me to be comfortable with living much simpler...I mean living in a hotel with two little ones and a suitcase for each of us has most definitely forced me to simplify. It's actually kind of relieving to live with so little of things. I am sure when the time comes to start unpacking boxes I'm going to think, "why in the world do I have all this?!"

So now that you're caught up a little with a fraction of my sister Whitney, and I, went on a little weekend getaway to the city and then to Napa. Both such amazingly beautiful places that could not be more opposite.

Even though it was a very short time, I thought I'd share some of my new favorite finds:

-- Mama's  (like mamas cookin'...need I say more?!)
-- Mr.Holmes Bakehouse (the cruffins and stuffed doughnuts are pretty amazing...get there around   
   8:15 am so you get the first morning batch that comes out at 9 am)

-- Souvla (if you like Greek food...oh my)
-- Split Bread (great soups and sandwiches)

-- the French Laundry (fancy but worth making a reservation way ahead of time for this place!)
-- Farmstead (I don't even know how to say this but this has hands down become one of my favorite spots to eat...its in Napa and everything is organic and grown in their garden behind the restaraunt. Everything is so fresh and the flavors are ridiculously good. This is a must!)

***My new favorite place to shop in downtown San Fran is the Hayes Street Shopping District. So many eclectic little shops with so much character! (ie: Marine Layer, Fiddlesticks, Acrimony)
***Culinary Art Institute in Napa is worth seeing...there are only two in the United States. One is NY and one in Napa. The Chocolatier was my favorite, making chocolate is no joke people! :-)
 ^^^there was this crazy structure in the middle of Hayes Street, that people would write/color on^^^
 ^^^this was just one pic I took at Farmstead...I died over all of it. This burger was one of the best I've ever had...oh and so are their cheese biscuits and meatballs!
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