Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Layered Cake

I know, the title is super original...pretty much just stating the obvious. A moist (oh boy, yes I used that word even though I really kind of loathe it) four layered white buttermilk cake, with cream cheese frosting! I just felt like three layers wasn't quite enough *haha.  Each layer is the color of what this Fall season, yellow, copper, and red.

I was actually up in the Utah mountains this last week and the Aspen leaves are beginning to change. It was like the whole mountainside was on fire, and I was reminded why I love this season so very much...and so this cake just seemed completely fitting. :-)

I used this recipe for the cake part and this recipe for the frosting part. Have I mentioned how much I love's like butter to my bread.

***also the best, most vibrant food dye is Wilton food dye. I'm tellin' ya it makes a huge difference if you want the colors to be like "wazam!". I got mine at Joannes.

disclaimer: By no means am I a pro when it comes to cake baking. I mean seriously, for anyone who bakes a cake where the frosting looks flawless...I really need you to teach me your ways. However, I did love the way the colors turned out and like I always say, cake is good for any occasion. And on this occasion, it was because it was Tuesday. :-)
^^^My little helpers. Sometimes I wish they'd rather watch...but that is just never the case ^^^

bon app├ętit! 

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