Tuesday, October 14, 2014

colorful fun in the tub...

Oh bath time. It's kind of one of my favorite things...not just for my kids but for me too. I LOVE baths; I actually take one every.single.night. Some people don't understand that, but it's just something I do before bed. It's my "wind down time".

Anyways, now that I gave you some unwanted information about my bed time routine here's some information you might actually want to know...bath time can be just as fun for your kids as it can be for you!

Here's how:
Take a shallow pan, fill it up with a little milk, and than add a few drops of food dye. Give the kiddies a popsicle to eat in the bath, and when they're done they can use the stick to swirl the milk around. 

It makes for a beautiful display of twisted tye-dye colors. Then, just when you think the fun is over they start painting the tub walls and themselves (which normally, I'd be a little OCD about but since it's in the tub I couldn't care less). When they're done, it's a simple scrub away from being clean again; including their little bodies. We've been using this new soap and love it!

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  2. On my goodness… you sure know how to make bath time amazing! And popsicles too? Your kiddos are sure lucky! By the way, I don't know how to sign in and identify myself! But this is Jenny Evans from Jenny Evans Gatherings

  3. Add liquid soap like dawn to the milk and food coloring and you will be surprised!

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