Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our favorite place to grab a Cookie...

There are a lot of perks about living in Southern California...we have lived here for almost five years now and we are continuously finding little hidden gems that we fall in love with. From hole in the wall places, to little boutiques and mom and pop's pretty endless.

One of our favorite mom and pop cookie shops is called Uncle Biffs in hillcrest, San Diego. My husband found it a while back, and we have been huge fans ever since. You can even order the dough if you want to bake them fresh...unfortunately the recipe doesn't come a long with it. *still workin on that

My personal favorite is the good ole' chocolate chip, however the almond toffee, or the coconut macadamia...oh or the chocolate chunk are pretty amazing too.

If you're looking for other hidden gems in your area check out this home town hidden gem board to find the best of the best near you!
this post was inspired by our Hometown Hidden Gems campaign. Turo is the hidden gem of car rentals and a great way for families that have multiple cars that go unused to make some extra money and an even better resource for someone needing a car to get one at 40% less on average than our corporate counterparts

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  1. Killer is right. Those cookies look so tasty!

  2. those cookies look to die for!

    ashley @


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