Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Colored Nails...

I was inspired by this months In Style Magazine...there were some "nail ideas" and I couldn't help but use nap time to my advantage.

disclaimer: i really do love nap time. It's sort of like my life line when it comes to getting super duper important things done like, ahem,  my nails!?! No, but seriously, I don't always use nap time wisely but when I do I have to blog about it, right?!

I tried to copy the navy blue nails shown below (the ones on the top right) but instead of navy as the base I used coral. My nails don't look like this at all, but it's what inspired me and they turned out pretty fun and springy so I was okay with it not looking much like the original. :-)

here was the order: first I painted the base coat (coral) than I added a few dashes of green here and there...dotted a few spots with navy blue and inside those dots I added tiny dots of hot pink. Lastly was the yellow, which I dotted sporadically.

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