Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best Bridal Shower For The Best Girl...

As many of you know, I come from a family of five girls...I am the second oldest. When my oldest sister Whitney got married I had so many different emotions. I was sad that life was never going to be the same...once you get hitched it really is never how life was before you were married. I guess that is the whole point, but as a Senior in highschool (since all I was thinking about was myself haha) I didn't like change too much. Actually, what am I saying, I still don't like change!

Well, crazy that the night of Whitney and Spencers wedding dinner I met Joshua; who is Spencer's cousin. Three-ish years later Josh and I got married. Talk about meant to be right?! Anyways, than last year my youngest sister, Sadie, got married to a wonderful guy...and now, in about three weeks, my other sister Rachael is getting married to Sadie's husbands brother! 

I know, I know... say what?! Trust me, this is all legal! :-) So to celebrate such a wonderful occasion my middle sister Paige threw a beautiful (and by beautiful I mean so many small details went into everything) shower. 

We played this game MASH, where everyone filled out a fake future life, and at the end Whitney read three of them. It was pretty hilarious what some of the ladies answers who would you marry "paul newman"...really?! Oh wowza.

I loved the colors, the food, the guests, the table runners, the flowers. It was so perfect for our one and only blonde sister...and I couldn't be happier for her! 
now for the party favors...I order these mini soaps from Elaeis Spa Co. they smelt so good!

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  1. this is beautiful! I adore it. congratulations to your sister!

  2. dang girl! You should be a photographer! These are awesome. What lens did you use and what program do you edit with?? Im loving these shots!

    1. haha actually most of these were taken by my sister who is a photographer! :-) You know some good talent when you see it Katie lol. She uses a Canon 6D

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