Monday, March 17, 2014

Goin' Green...for your St.Patricks Day

I always love St.Patricks Day for the sole purpose of having a holiday devoted to the the color green (and gold of course) two of my favorite colors! We just got back from AZ for a sister weekend (all five of us plus the mama) and I found these little gold mine bubble gum nuggets at a shop there. I couldn't resists getting a bag for Sage. When I got home last night, I gave them to her (I couldn't wait til the morning) and she thought they were the neatest things!

This morning she came into my room and before a "good morning" or "hi" she whispered, "where is my magic gold?" haha oh the things that make kids happy is always mind blowing and so refreshing!

Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my favorite "GREEN" in color, green for the environment, green fashion, green food. Ya know, just trying to cover all my bases :-).

1. I love this glassware
2. Lounging on recycled plastic...pretty modern and neato
3. Delicious green chips...(if you like Kale?!)
4. Totally have a pair of these, and love them!
5. Honestly the best all natural "go green" products for your babies (love Jessicas video about it)
6. I have this moraccan pouf in Cozette's room, it adds just the right touch of green
7. Dr.Oz's favorite green tea
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