Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fairy Birds and Valentines...

There was a special delivery at our doorstep the other day and I'm 100% sure Sage was beyond excited about it! My sweet friends (and authors of Fairy Birds) Heather and Heidi, have created a magical book full of color, delightful illustrations and most importantly a beautiful message. It teaches children the importance of service, kindness and love. Sage's favorite part of the whole thing was (of course) the amazing wings and the "givie hearts"...

So in honor of Fairy Birds, and in the spirit of giving...she made special Valentines for her favorite people; all while sporting her "magical wings"! Thankfully, she had some help from our babysitter Emma who glued and glittered the hearts...but Sage filled bags of candy and even drew individual tags for each valentine she gave out.

I adored every second of watching her smile ear to ear while waiting in aniticipation to give out these little labors of love. We may have gotten a little picture happy, but honestly it was all to amazingly adorable not to!
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1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness her dress while writing Valentines! Boden? I want one in my size.

    BTW you are asking for it when you hand that girl a permanent marker... it only takes a moment for a lifetime of regret... haha, but seriously.
    love you


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