Wednesday, November 20, 2013

coloring on the go...

You guys, I found the perfect on the go toy!

A couple weeks ago when we traveled out South to visit family and go out for my husbands work...I bought a bunch of little on the go things to occupy my children on the flight. A four hour flight with two babes under the age of 3 is worth buying a lot of "maybe this will keep them busy for a bit" things!

Thankfully this Water Wow on the go coloring book kept them occupied for quite some time...not to mention it's pretty neat to watch! YOu fill up a little paint brush with water and go to town. The colors suddenly appear..."like magic!" as Sage yelled while going to and fro with her brush.

I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of nice to not have to fumble through a bunch of coloring book pages, and scramble after dropped markers/crayons!

Anyways, moral of this post. If you have kids, you should get this. It's worth the 5 bucks!

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