Friday, August 30, 2013

around the casa...

Oh happy happy day it's Friday! I can't believe it's already the weekend...any fun plans? Three day weekends are probably on my top ten favorite things list! Plus, it just means one more day with the hubby around---perhaps we will put our new BBQ to use! (we are rookies at this BBQ thing so any pointers or good recipes would be greatly appreciated! **thank ya muchly)

Well, hope you have a very happy Labor Day! Eat some good with some good people...take a load off. Here are a few of my favorite colorful things I've been placing around my home. It's always fun trying to figure out where you want things put. Wait, is fun the right word?! ha.
guest room ^^^ 
I found this painting at a thrift store and fell in love...
along with the bed frame which I repainted sherwin williams dark navy
kitchen island^^^
I got some new milk glass vases from my mom and sis for my bday last love!

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  1. Those plates are gorgeous! Love the colors and patterns. Your kitchen vignette looks great too! So functional yet stylish. Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. I love the mirror behind the bed idea!

  3. I like it all! I believe you should put together a house tour...👍

  4. Aarean, we love marinating our chicken in lime juice, olive oil and spices, or a more curry-ish mixture of coconot milk, lime, and spices. Let that chicken soak overnight before grilling for the best flavor. Oh, I LOVE grilling! For me, marinades and sauces make it so much better. Have fun and enjoy the awesome flavors only the grill can create!

    Also, your house is looking gorgeous!

  5. I love what you've done!! Come do my house!! As far as the grill goes Steak marinated in the Jack Daniels marinade packs from the store are delicious. Also buying chicken and marinating it with the yoshida sauce for a few days is amazing! Plus you can vacuum seal them and freeze them to use later.

  6. I LOVE the books and yellow clock… and the bed with the yellow pillow. Too cute. My husband is an AVID BBQ-er. So good. I am not. I have been following a blog for the past couple of years ( I LOVE it. She has a lot of good recipes and pointers for barbecuing. We just barbecued pizza for the first time last week using her tips. We've also been using ours as a smoker and had some incredible roasts that way… in addition to the basic yumminess a bbq produces, of course. Good luck!


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