Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kate Spade meets abstract...

Have you heard of the new Kate Spade Saturday collection? Talk about an explosion of colors...from pinks and corals, to yellows and sky blues. I LOVE EVERYTHING about it!

Martha (their textile designer) painted the abstract design! I never realized just how much artistic talent goes in to each collection...I've gotta say I kind of wish I had Martha's job!!! Just taking a blank canvas and going to town; and than seeing it all come to life...

The small weekender bag is one of my favorites (perfect for little getaways) and who knows...maybe there will be a little giveaway in the future with this little arm candy!

read more about the inspiration & reasoning behind the color choices here
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  1. the dress is definitely my favorite piece! so bright and unique.

  2. she is such a genius. gorgeous. i want the sneakers.


  3. This is such a fun post! I want her job too!!! -Sandra


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