Monday, March 4, 2013

Pottery Barn Tea Party...

The other day when I was at the mall, I ran into Pottery Barn kids to take a peek at a few things. That's another store that sucks me...I just can't help myself.

Anyways they were having sign ups for a "Bunny Tea Party"; and in order to attend you had to buy a little stuffed bunny from P.B. and than they donate it to Childrens Hospital. I mean this was a no brainer...I got the last sign up spot too (totally meant to be right?!)

We went this last weekend and Sage had a lot of fun (well after the she got over her "you woke me up from my nap and got me out of the car" mood). They read a little book, had a snack, made a craft, and even got a tutu!

Another plus was that I did a small impromptu photo shoot of Cozy (ya know b/c I was pretty much pretending like I was in my own home--surrounded by every fantastic piece of nursery furniture you could wish for).

It was a "delightful" afternoon, and for a great cause too! A win win in my book! Take a peek at all the fun colors they had goin on at this tea party... maybe it'll spark some inspiration for you to throw your own!

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  1. How adorable! Love all the cheerful colors.

  2. Love this! That tutu is adorable.

  3. They are too cute for words. The pic of Sage holding the strawberry is adorable!

  4. Such a lovely tea party! Gotta love the tutus!


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