Friday, January 11, 2013

Our bags are packed but we aren't ready to go...

I have come to a harsh realization...I strongly dislike moving (and I would use the word hate however, I was always taught that "hate is the strongest of words and you should use it sparingly haha) I guess it's the messy mess that's all around me, and the change that I have no control over...oh and the fact that we thought we would be moving tomorrow however with some things that have happened on the buyers end (for the place we live in now) it looks like that is being pushed back another week. **sigh. Such a long and drawn out process I tell ya but oh it'll be worth it when we are nice and settled in our new place. Oh it will SO be worth it! But for now, we wait...and wait and wait. Until we hear hopefully (cross your finger and toes) good news!

I really do hope you have a glorious weekend...I mean every weekend should be! Here's a fun color list for your pure enjoyment--

1. Love this wedding my sister shot recently
2. Music Painting
3. Natural beauty
4. Pretty sure I can make this myself
5. Your taste buds will thank you
6. Iconic photos in color
7. Have you ever seen a prettier sunset?
8. ...okay maybe this one?
9. Love this stuff with a passion
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1 comment:

  1. I know, moving is so hard. But it will be wonderful once you're all settled in. :)


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