Monday, January 14, 2013

My cleaning secret...

I bought these rags from Williams Sonoma a couple weeks ago...and I don't think it would be overly dramatic to say that they have literally changed my life (as far as cleaning goes ha)! Not only are they great because you don't have to use very much cleaning product with them (if any at all!) but they are COLOR COORDINATED (which I am beyond a fan of).

Each one is made out of different material, so depending on what surface your cleaning you have a "special" rag you use. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I will say that my favorite one is the plush, forest green one that's used for all purposes. Yep, life changing (is that so sad that I openly admit that?! lol). I think you should go out and get yourself a box of these...or heck maybe two and throw in a third for your mom. :-)

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  1. It's ok. I am so beyond excited about my new vacuum ;)

  2. No need for Windex?? Can it be true? Ordering these tonight!

  3. Nice!! I'm going to need to try these!

  4. oooh, now I want those too ... and I know my mom will need a set. Thanks for the tip!


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