Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Her first "Candybread House"...

The other night we decided to decorate our Costco bought "candybread house", as my two year old called it ha. The pre-Christmas festivities is my favorite part of the holidays. The Christmas lights, sugar cookie decorating, gingerbread making, Christmas music, Miracle on 34th Street movie watching and everything else in between is what I look forward to every year!

I especially love that my little Sage is old enough to understand and LOVE all these things too! She was loving this colorful treat. It was equally grand that this gingerbread house was only $10 and already glued together, aaaaand included all the all we had to do was frost and decorate! I think we can all agree that Christmas is the most colorful of all holidays that is for sure!
She sort of enjoyed eating it more than decorating you blame her?
...and here's little Cozy just sleeping through the festivities (what's new?!)

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