Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Color List-a-roochy

Well, Happy Friday to you once again. Honestly, does it not seem like the weeks are just flying by? Before we know it, Christmas will be here and than a new year. This week was a monumental little Cozette finally got the memo that waking up every two hours during the night was not such a great idea. So, for the last three nights she has only woken up ONCE! Yes just once! It's been the best thing since, well, since the last time I got a good night sleep ha.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...any fun plans? We are going to a Halloween party (still have no idea what I'm dressing up as...?!) and probably painting some more pumpkins and soaking up this fantastic crisp rainy weather! I LOVE IT!

1. Feelin' down? Perhaps this is why...
2. Fall is here...which means I'm pullin' out these
3. Oh someday, someday
4. great fingerTIPS
5. Hm, not sure if this looks appetizing but it's sure colorful
6. Gorgeous photos
7. Talk about mastering the art of finger painting :-)
8. 1950's fashion in black and white

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  1. Congrats on only waking up once a night!!! I so wish I was there, but I think we are getting closer =) I love that first picture with the prism look. So pretty.

    - Sarah

  2. I can't stop oohing and ahhing at pictures of your baby. Share some more, share some more! hehe

    <3 Melissa


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