Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Color List from Andrea

Yep, just sharin' a few instagram (@aareanj) photos from this last oreos, a trip to anthro, kickin' back with fresh nursery valence I finally finished, a trip to the park and the one of the cutest profiles I ever did see. This week has been a good one...busy but good. Time is a-flyin' and before we know it babe #2 will be here! I just can't wait--next week starts my BIRTHDAY WEEK GIVEAWAY (oooh it'll be good!) and hopefully I'll be putting up the photos of the finished nursery! Here's to trying to be super productive this weekend...

AND here is Andrea's (aka Manhattanette) who randomly chosen from this giveaway to share a "color list" with all of you...It's always fun to see other peeps colorful picks--I just love all the PINK! Thanks Andrea for playin' along! 

Here's her list that you really must check out...

1. I love a beautiful, pink, raspberry Sorbet for summer

2. A pop of neon pink nail polish (Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide)

3. Haven't quite been brave enough to wear a lip color this bright to work

4. Been coveting these Charles Philip Shanghai loafers, but they're sold out in my size now!

5. Something a little unusual and very pink

6. Lastly, my ABSOLUTE favorite shade of pink is the pink of this little guy's nose (my cat, Alexander Hamilton)

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