Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The City that Stole My Heart....

Okay, so I have to admit...Florence was probably my favorite place we visited. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every place we went; but for some reason Florence just took my breathe away. I loved that it was an artsy city with beautiful things to go and see, but there was also great shopping, great food, and it was clean! 

My favorite things about Florence had to have been engulfing the best gelato(s)--is it sad that that would be the first think I mention?! I Loved walking along Ponte Vecchio (where there are dozens of little shops), and I did splurge on a pair of shoes at my new favorite shoe store. Climbing to the top of the Il Duomo (and boy was that a long climb...especially when you had a lady behind you telling you--in all seriousness--to wait for her just in case she fainted or threw up since she is deathly afraid of heights and small spaces...awesome ha)
Unfortunately, we weren't able to go see the David...that museum was closed, oh well at least I've got a live replica at home *wink wink. I really just loved the ambiance of this beautiful city, it is for sure a place I'd love to go back to some day. 
Sometimes I do things that totally embarrass my husband, not sure exactly what I did or said but I think this was one of those moments (it may have had to do with me asking a couple if they'd like me to take a picture of both of them, but they didn't speak English so I was trying to hand motion what I was trying to say and it was still unsuccessful) ugh oh well, at least he finds me entertaining?!

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  1. I heard wonders about Florencia ...can't wait to visit. Love your pics! xoxo

  2. you guys are adorable. ps, i do the exact same thing to my hubs... he gets embarrassed... i mean entertained! :)

  3. Every photo is so beautiful! I loved Italy, I hope we get to go back soon! These photos make me want to book something now! :D

    xo Kayla

  4. One of my favorites, too. The thing I most remember about Florence is hiking all the way up to Piazzale Michelangelo and viewing the entire city from up there. Incredible...


  5. This photos look amazing! I so want to visit there sometime :) and the gif is super cute!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  6. I'm so glad you liked Florence! And no shame in loving the gelato. I ate some at least once a day for the MONTH I was there. Good thing I had to do a lot of walking too!
    I like it better than Rome too, because it's so clean, and a lot less crowded feeling. Plus, there's no fake roman soldiers. ;)
    Better go back so you can see the David. It's pretty amazing, and I love the other sculpture they keep in the same room. So, so, so jealous of your trip!

  7. omgosh! what fun!
    and im totally jealous! i would love to travel somewhere exciting.

    ps. i am having a giveaway if you would like to participate :)

  8. Florence took my breath away too. One of my favorite places in the whole world. My parents are going on Saturday....jealous!

  9. You and your hubby are so cute! Ooh, that gelato and pizza look delish!

  10. I love Florence! I also have a pic of my fiancé trying to lift a mini car in Amsterdam.... Lol

  11. Oh - we honeymooned in Florence. Pizza on the Ponte Vecchio - heaven!

  12. You guys are so cute and you look like little North Face models in your pictures. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!!

  13. OMG! Very nice place. =)

  14. Oh someday I want to go to Europe! Love how colorful all of your pictures are.

    Love the one of your husband trying to lift up the car-- too funny. And that gelato looks so good

  15. Oh, I love Florence! Did you get a chance to visit the Uffizi Museum?



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