Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is your Event Personality?

I never really gave much thought about how the colors you choose for an event actually tells a lot about your personality! PaperSource has a great personality palette, which  immediately made me think about my wedding (I had a lot of pinks, champagnes and greens). I have slowly grown to love events that are planned around more subdued colors like Sage and Bluebell--sort of like the shower I just threw. Than I read the descriptions of these two colors and laughed--I really don't consider myself as quiet  or someone who has "amazing logic"...but HEY I'll take it!

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  1. I'm a fig through and through. A little surprised by the 'conservative' description.

  2. this is so lovely! lake and blossom, so fitting too!

  3. Blossom is RIGHT on.'d like to think so but would have to ask a friend :)

  4. cool!! thanks for sharing!


  5. wow love it, it was hard to choose as I love the majority of the colours. went for bluebell :)

  6. My favorite color describes me well. That is strawberry. Wow!

  7. I think I'm papaya. Love that color anyway!

  8. I LOVE this! I am a beet! Hopefully it discribes me. ( : I like it!

  9. Such lovely colors. I keep choosing one as my favorite...and then another!

  10. Mine were sunshine and lake. I just love reading your blog! Thanks for your COLORFUL inspiration! :)

  11. Amazing! Chocolate, Poppy & Moss- couldn't really pick just one but each fits my personality! Thx! That was fun

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