Friday, April 13, 2012

Color List

This photo was taken almost exactly one year ago at the Pella Iowa tulip festival...oh my I have never seen such big, colorful tulips in all my life! 

The time has come my week we are heading to ITALY! I can't even believe it! Are my bags packed...nope. Do I feel a bit overwhelmed...yep. Am I going to miss my baby girl...miserably (at least i know she'll be in the best hands own mother dearest). But this is something Josh and I have been looking forward to since he got back from his mission, so saying I am excited is a bit of an understatement!

And don't worry, I have some fun color lists and guest posts scheduled for you while I am abroad! To start off my very last weekend as a "never been out of the U.S." gal--here is a fun color list for you! And TOMORROW I will be announcing the winner for THIS giveaway--

1. Find the perfect color pallet 
2. It's a hand?
3. For next Easter, this is a must!
4. Laduree Macraons anyone?
5. The best colors are in the sky
6. Strawberry colored beach curls
7. Colorful photographs (i need a better camera ha)
8. stare at the this is just crazy

Have a splendid weekend!
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  1. OMG I am so excited for you! Italy! I spent a couple of days in Rome by NYE. I actually wrote about it, since I had the priviledge of having locals taking me to the hottest spots in town -you know that, as a tourist, you usually miss stuff. Rome is a dream, it's like you are walking through a fairy tale! Honestly, you couldn't have picked a better destination for your vacations!
    I look forward to hearing about your experiences there!


    1. Thanks Elsa...we are super excited! You'll have to let me know where you went in Rome, so I don't miss anything! :-)

  2. How fun!!! My hubby went to Missouri on his mission... I guess someday he'll want to take me there and show me all of the places he lived (i.e. the Ghetto). ;) Have so much fun in Italy!!!

  3. What a happy, colorful picture!! Have a wonderful trip to Italy!! My husband served his mission in Vegas and we went there a few years ago. Why couldn't he have served somewhere fun like Italy??!! ha!

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  4. Woh, that last link with the black and white pic is just totally trippy!

    - Sarah

  5. That is so exciting!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. That is seriously the cutest picture I have seen in a long time! Adorable!! And have fun in Italy. :)

  7. How exciting Italy! Is that where you hubby went on his mission? I bet it will be so beautiful there! And look at those tulips, I would have such a hard time not picking one before I left haha

  8. Whooo hoooo! So excited for you to go to Italy!!


  9. Oh my word, how beautiful...those tulips are amazing. Love the colours and the photos on your blog, they are so artistic! I can tell you are a woman of many talents, and you seem to have so much joy! Love the blog...following.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  10. My favorite place in the whole world is Positano, a small town off the Amalfi Coast. It's peaceful, quaint and COLORFUL. I'm so excited for you and your Italian adventure. :)


  11. Aww have so much fun in Italy!!! To say that I am jealous would be a total understatement!!

  12. How exciting....your first time out of the country and to ITALY!! I'm so pumped for you!! Can't wait for a recap. Have so much fun!

  13. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  14. Lovely photo, those tullips are gorgeous! Have a wonderful time in Italy! Hugs, Hanneke

  15. Love that picture! Have so much fun in Italy

  16. Those hand animals are amazing! Shadow puppets seem so outdated now...



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