Friday, January 20, 2012

Color List...

I haven't done my color list in quite some time!  I thought it would be fun to do another "color perception" photo, simply to reiterate how color really does just make everything better! Isn't it amazing how your perception changes with this image...first dark and creepy then slowly starts having a Cirque Du Soleil feel (the creepy part is still kinda there though haha)!

1. Who needs real tattoos when you can get these?!
2. A kiss with a hundred people (look really close)
3. A vintage feel to these cute!
4. Colorful candleholders...modern & super vibrant
5. Wrap a gift with graphic tape adds a bit of spunk!

BY THE WAY...those who did THIS tutorial...I'd LOVE LOVE for you to send me photos of your fingertips! It would be so much fun to see the different variations, and it would make for a great post!!! 

I must say, the weekend couldn't come fast enough. Have a great one my friends!

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