Monday, December 5, 2011

Homemade Pomegranate Jelly

This last week, I went and visited my parents who live about an hour away from me (which I am so grateful for...) and we made Pomegranate Jelly from off our tree in the backyard. This fruit, once you open it up...has the most beautiful, vibrant seeds inside. They almost look like little gems...:-)
I have never had Pomegranate jelly before, so I was a little skeptical on how good it would be...and let me tell you (in case you think the same way as I did) this jelly is SO very delicious! Plus it makes for such a cute, festive, bright RED gift for your friends--

You will Need:
-About ten pomegranates (or you could buy pure pomegranate juice at the store if you don't want to hassle with the seeding and juicing)
-1 box of pectin
-1-2 lemons
-5 cups white sugar
-6 to 7 8oz. jars

First you want to pull open the pomegranate to get all the seeds out. **a special tip: seed the pomegranate under water that way the seeds wont splatter!
Drain the water and you're left with your little pomegranate gems...:-)
Then it's time to juice 'em! You'll be amazed at how much liquid you get out of these little seeds...
This is what they look like juice-less (in case you were curious?!)
In the meantime, prepare your canning by boiling your lids for several minutes. Leave them in the warm water until your ready to bottle it all up! (these MUST be hot in order for your cans to seal!)
Get another pot of water ready, to boil your bottles...
Next, measure out your pomegranate juice, and your lemon juice in a 6 quart pan. Put on stove until it starts boiling...(I think this lemon squeezer is the neatest thing...turns them into lemon pancakes *ha)
As soon as it starts to boil, add in the magic stuff--Pectin! (find it at any grocery store)
Place on high heat, bring it to a boil and stir constantly...otherwise it'll clump and burn (no bueno!) Continue stirring until it reaches (as my mother says) "a rolling boil that cannot be stirred down"
Then add in your 5 delicious cups of sugar! Boil hard for 2 minutes...Remove from the heat and let stand for about a minute...
You'll notice this weird foam forming (thats a tongue twister ha) simply scrape it off and discard.
Then comes the fun part--start pouring. Fill up the jars about 1/2" from the top
Make sure you wipe the rims clean!
Remember those lids in the hot is the time to get them out. With tongs, carefully place the lids and screw them on nice and tight
Last but not least...set the sealed jars back in boiling water for about five minutes.
Then take them out...and as they cool you should hear them POPPING (which is a good thing...that means your jars are sealed!) When they are cooled...put them in the freezer or fridge...or wrap a nice little bow around them and wish your friends a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a great post, I love all of the pictures! I have always been scared to ever try canning or making jelly, but your step by step instructions and pictures make it look very do-able! Now if only I had a pomegranate tree...:)

  2. It looks delicious! Pomegranates have always been one of my favs. For some reason it tastes even better because you have to work harder to get at the fruit!

  3. These look amazing! I definitely want to try this!

  4. Oh the time you and Mom have... haha I wish I was crafty and had the patience to do things like this

  5. wow this looks like a fun gift! thanks for sharing~

    xoxo the egg out west.

  6. ah thats looks amazing!!
    xo emily

  7. wow you mom and dad are just the team of the century! this is genius :)

  8. OMG!!!
    this looks delicious!!! :o)
    and I just LOVED the color of this jam...
    I don't know about you guys, but here in Brazil, we say it brings good luck to eat pomegranates on new year's... :o)
    have a colorful week!


  9. i've never canned anything before! this looks so delicious... and pretty easy! will definitely have to try these soon!

  10. my in-laws have a Pom. tree and are always giving us them. I run out ideas of how to use them! haha I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Gorgeous! I made lots of grape this year but I've never tried pomegranate.

  12. This looks amazing! I love pom's! I'm tempted to run out and buy them right now :)
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now and it benefits pediatric cancer research, so please check it out!

  13. I love your incorporation of the theme of the color issue with a fun, colorful recipe perfect for the holiday season!
    Great idea!

  14. That's how you do it. I never knew you had to boil the lids and jars before filling them. Thanks for the tips!

  15. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    i am so glad you shared this recipe
    and the pictures with it.
    So easy to make =D


  16. What a cute gift this would make. =) I definitely need to buy myself a juicer!

  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! i love making jam. my fiance and i made raspberry/strawberry jam a few months back and we're almost out!!! we should definitely give this a try!

    allister bee blog

  18. Genius! I love all the detailed pictures too. That always helps! :)


  19. OMG. This totally inspires me to not only want to make pomegranate jelly but also plant one in my backyard!

  20. yum! homemade jam sounds amazing! i wish i had more time to learn how to do something like this. thanks for sharing :)

  21. Love this post so much! I used to make homemade blackberry jelly, but have never even heard of using Pomegranates! Thank you for sharing the recipe :)

    PS. I love the Christmas flair to your logo!

  22. yummy yum yum i want to eat this up

  23. This is definitely going on my "to-make" list!

  24. I have never used my juicer to juice pomegranates! I am going to incorporate that into my juicing routine now and I also want to try to make this jelly. About how much juice total would you say you used for the recipe? Since the Poms I get may be a different size, I just want to make sure I use enough juice. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Glad I saw this on Pinterest!


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