Monday, December 19, 2011

hard candy for the holidays

My grandma has this great tradition of making a ton of different flavored hard candy during Christmas time! Since I don't live by her anymore, I had to branch off and make my own (no more mooching for me ha). 
I will admit, there are two things I try to stay away from when it comes to baking: 
1.) Daunting task of baking a PIE. I have yet to make a pie with a beautifully braided crust (or even just a crust that doesn't look all skiwompus once it's placed in the dish?!)
2.)  Candy (however, i actually can make some mean caramels which I am pretty proud of!)

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone...followed Grammys recipe to a "T" and it turned out great! So without further adieu here is the process...
You'll need:
-Corn Syrup
-Food Coloring
-Flavorings of your choice (my faves are cinnamon and butterscotch)
-Candy Thermometer
In a large pot add the karo syrup and sugar...
Boil until your thermometer reads 290°-300°
Then take off heat and add in your flavoring...aaaaand wait for it....wait for it....ONLY for the butterscotch flavoring do you add BUTTER (probably why this one is my favorite flavor...go figure?!)
Drizzle in a few drops of food coloring (red for cinnamon...yellow for butterscotch...etc.)
Then, sift your powdered sugar over a 11x17 pan
Pour the goodness... and sift powdered sugar on top!
Once its hard (about 20 minutes) crack in small pieces.
Aren't they just pretty?! It almost looks like glass. Maybe that's what I should call this...Glass Candy! Just a nice & COLORFUL treat to have sitting around for people to snack on :-)

Hard Candy Recipe:
-2 cups sugar
-2/3 cup karo syrup
-3/4 cup water
-1 tsp. flavoring
-1 tsp. food coloring
**if making butterscotch add in 4 TBS butter when you add in the flavoring.

Boil ingredients until thermometer reads 290°-300°. Remove from heat, let bubbles go down THAN add in flavoring and food coloring.
Sift powdered sugar on pan...pour hot candy and sift powdered sugar on top. Break apart when hard.

Easy as pie! haha or should I just simply say EASY.
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  1. My babysitter growing up always used to make this....It was such a special treat. I will definitely give it a try. Do you stir constantly while the sugar is coming up to temperature?

  2. Oh, I am def going to be making this!

  3. nope you don't have to stir it constantly...just a couple times while its boiling. :-)

  4. Mmm, this looks delicious! Making hard candy has been on my to-do list for ages, actually. I'm definitely saving this recipe :)

  5. yummmmmmmmmmm!
    that looks good for the dessert table
    for xmas party! thank you for sharing love!

    Melina ♥

  6. Oh my goodness...they are really easy to make and they can be used as decor. So pretty!

  7. This looks so pretty! I love the colors! I would like to re-post your recipe, if that's ok with you! :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Number 3 (and counting?) of our similar posts! I love that you can make this recipe by yourself, thanks to the powdered sugar! I'll have to try that method next time!

  9. i'm so impressed! looks so fun. thanks for the tutorial!!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  10. great idea, i'm not sure i can make it, but maybe i will try ;)

    there is a giveaway at my blog, please check it if you have time :)))

  11. Wow, I've never ventured into candy making but these look delish!

  12. how cute did these candies turn out! I love it in the colored sundae jars! I'm scared to make hard candy... I failed epically at fudge!

  13. those look so good - and i've always avoided candy too but that looks like arecipe i could follow :)

    just found your blog and i'm so glad i did..and i love your header :)

  14. so pretty! The pieces in the dish remind me of snow covered stained glass. :)

  15. This recipe is awesome! They would look so cute all wrapped up in a cellophane baggy with a bow!

    Along Abbey Road

  16. i do bake pies... but I have a huge problem with caramel...
    maybe someday I leave my comfort zone and try to make some hard candy! :o)
    btw, butterscotch sounds great!!!


  17. so love this!
    AND I got home to my parents house today, for the holiday and mom is rocking the button rings! Thought of you!

  18. Oh they look so pretty! I would love to try this! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Yum! These look delicious!


  20. This is so awesome! I've never known anyone to make their own hard candy before! Thanks also for the comment love over at my blog. I actually saw you on Sydney's blog a few months ago, and was excited to have you reading! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  21. such a easy recipe & they look amazing in those little glass stands!


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