Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Color List

Isn't it crazy, how your perception changes when COLOR is added to the picture!? There is something so classic about a black and white I took the original and did just that! Then I slowly added in the color. From classic to funky in seconds, and I go from thinking JCrew to Betsy Johnson in a jiffy! Wish i could rock blue hair... (maybe in my next life?! ha)

So here is my Friday Color List...Just one more Friday until Santa comes!!!

1. Some sah-weet sweaters...great conversation pieces :-)
2. 100 best holiday cookies! Um..yes please!
3. For all you lucky San Franciscoans (a place where you can shop til' you drop!)
4. Good old holiday cheer from Jimmy Kimmel...these videos are hilarious!
5. Christmas cards that made me giggle a little :-)
6. Best looking pies I've seen in a long time 
7. Microbe Holiday art...crazy stuff?!?!
8. Vintage Christmas ads (the wording is the best part!)
9. A picture speaks a thousand words **wink wink
10. Last but not least, my guest post about the reason for the season! :-)

Hope you all have an absolutely, positively wonderful weekend! And don't forget that today is the last day to enter THIS great don't miss out!
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  1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend love!
    I really like what you did with this picture


  2. Wonderful list! Can't believe how each time you do something new and fun with the photos
    :-) Getting really inspired.

  3. Gorgeous gif! You're right, my perception completely changes with color :)

  4. Oh my goodness...that is amazing. It's funny how the same picture can look so incredibly different. Have a great weekend sweetie!

  5. Your list is GREAT! I might have to add a few of yours to mine! I am a new reader/lover of your and I share an obsession for color!


  6. you are very creative. everytime enjoying a lot!!!

  7. This was great! My perception totally did change!

  8. I love this!!

    Check out my post on colors!

  9. I'm always dressed in black...
    but sometimes I change...
    last week, one of my colleagues at work said that I should wear more color (I was wearing a blue dress)... weird... I instantly thought of you and your blog... and then, I come here and see this post...
    I could TOTALLY see myself on it! :o)
    color can sure change EVERYTHING!


  10. that GIF is SO NEAT! what a clever idea :)


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