Thursday, December 8, 2011

Classic Red & White Stripes

This is my baby girl, Sage. She is my little side kick, and I just can't get enough of her! (except when she screams non stop while driving in the car...we are working on the whole "forming words" thing.)

I decided (b/c I couldn't resist any longer) to put her in her Christmas Eve pj's a little early this year. We have this family tradition, ever since I was little, of getting pajamas on Christmas Eve. It is probably one of my favorite things. Even to this day, I love getting a new pair of pj's.

This is the classic stripe top and bottom from Polarn O. Pyret and I am not kidding, they are the softest things ever! I absolutely love them (including the little patch on the arm--so cute). I am seriously contemplating buying my own pair--they do come in mama sizes (just fyi)!

So, if you're on the pj bandwagon...I would highly recommend these! Plus, who can resist a baby in red and white stripes?!

What are some of your own fun family holiday traditions? I am looking for new ones and always love hearing new ideas...

p.s. tomorrow...oooh tomorrow...have I got a fun surprise!

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  1. Awww Sage is so cute!!

    hmmm, family traditions. We have so many! lol On Christmas Eve we open all family presents and then on Christmas Day we open "Santa" presents. =P Every night on Christmas Eve my mom would make us hot chocolate and read us a Christmas Book before bed. =) So soo many good memories

  2. oh my god!
    she is adorable
    cute like mama =D

    i think she looks adorable in
    her red and white stripes pjs
    are you getting her a new one for xmas?

    ♥ melina

  3. Oh, little beauty!!!

  4. Yay, for Christmas PJs! Sage looks so cute!

  5. We have the same tradition in our family! I was even planning on posting about it on my blog next week!

  6. I am 23 years old and still go home every year to watch my dad climb up the ladder and put the same little angel with the hot glued broken set of wings atop the tree.... It's so silly - and the angel is SO old.... but tradition is tradition!

    Your daughter is munchable!! Love the stripes :)

  7. Aww she is soo cute!! A family tradition we have every year (unless we are sick) is Christmas brunch. It's such a great time with family and friends, and we do white elephant gift exchange too. Lots of fun!

  8. she is so adorable!!! i love her little stripes!

    allister bee blog

  9. Oh my goodness. She is a cutie-patootie.
    My family did Christmas jammies too! HA! I was just busy writing one of my "Mom Notes" posts about exactly that. I've got Iris' all ready to go--I wrapped them up to put under the tree to prevent the temptation to put her in them early. ;)


  10. Okay, when did her hair turn blonde? She's gotten so big!!! Such a beautiful little girl. Those jammies do look comfy!

  11. she is to die for. and your new header? bah! i love it! those snowflakes and lights..i want them! and seeing this post just reminded me that your blog is private and i need to go check it out now because i've probably been missing posts! sheesh.

  12. Sage is beautiful and her jammies are precious. They remind me of my favorite baby jammies by Hanna Andersson. It was a tradition in my house as well to get PJ's on Christmas Eve. I still love snuggling up in a new pair of soft pj's.

  13. she is soooooo dang cute! oh my gosh. cutie pie!

  14. love this! So sweet.

    a few family traditions: the pickle ornament, is hidden on christmas morning and the first sibling to find it gets a prize.

    my family goes on Christmas eve to Target/Wal-mart and my dad puts on a gift card a certain amount of money (usually with 2 in-laws and 3 kids and my parents and inflation it is now $9 but used to be $5 when there was only 4 people) and we have to buy each person a gift with only $9 and it has to be meaningful. the person closest to $9 without going over wins a gift card.
    Then we get home and give them away to each other, while explaining why we got it. And then we eat a dinner of appetizers. yum.


  15. Aww! she is adorable :) I love Christmas traditions, I don't think my family have any in particular... we always watch the Grinch on Christmas day :)

    Love, Vanilla

  16. Adorable! I've got froggy pj's for the wee one this year for Christmas eve :-)

  17. My favorite tradition is reading the Christmas story (from the Bible) before we open gifts. When I have my own kids, I want to bake a birthday cake for Jesus with them. : )

  18. She is just too adorable. Red and white stripes are perfect on babies. I'd like a pair of those pj's. I'd definitely rock them on Christmas Eve. :-)

  19. I love your blog :) And, am so excited that Sydney over at the Daybook has lead me to it! Those PJ's look mighty comfy and I AM gonna look up the big girl size. One of my family's little traditions is that my brother and I always exchange on Christmas eve just because our 16 and 22 selves cannot wait until Christmas morning :) its a good tie me over!


  20. Adorable blog, just found you from the daybook. I also loooove color and am excited to follow along.

  21. We have the same tradition in our family!

  22. We also do the open-pjs-on-Christmas-Eve thing, and I love it. We do the Feast of the Seven Fishes for our Christmas Eve dinner, and the French tradition of 13 desserts. 'Tis a good eatin' night!


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