Friday, November 4, 2011

Spotlight: Sheye Rosemeyer

When I stumbled upon Sheye Rosemeyer's photography, I thought I had discovered a whole new world. The way she captures color, lighting, pure emotion is just breath taking (plus she lives in dream place!). I was ecstatic when she happily accepted to be spotlighted! Read her story about her sweet Ava HERE. I truly can say, she has inspired me to be a better mother, to appreciate the things around me each and every day.
So without further adieu here are her questions and answers. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!

1. What is your favorite lighting to shoot in and why?
 The last two hours of daylight are my absolute favourite to shoot in.  The way the sun turns so golden and the long shadows, I can't resist picking up my camera at that time of day.  If there's a tiny bit of cloud cover where the sun still peeks through, even better..Then the light seems to be a mix of silver and gold :)
 2. What colors do you find photograph really well as far as wardrobe goes?
 I love to photograph soft pastels.  They're so flattering and also easy to expose for.  You don't get color casts that stronger colors can have or the reflection that white gives.  Late afternoon light at the beach with muted colors just works beautifully.

3. Where did your warm and soothing style of photography come from?
 The warmth probably comes from using the late golden light that I include in a lot of my images. The first shoot I remember where late afternoon light became my focus was in 2007.  The way the sun shone through the fabric of a dress and the interesting shadows it provided..suddenly I was more intent on capturing the sunlight than anything else and my editing became about highlighting that.
And soothing? I guess I love to capture my subjects in a gentle way..almost ethereal?  I like my images to have an almost storybook feel to them.

4. What are you favorite colors to photograph?
 I tend towards wanting greenery in my images.  I'm happiest in a natural setting..a forest or a big open field, with sunlight of course.   In editing I like to alter the tones and create different feels.
 5. How does color play a role in the way you want your photography to be portrayed?
 I’m quite a girly girl and a lot of my images have soft pretty tints added in editing sooverall, color is very important to my style.   I chose the name “Eye Candy” for my actions and workshops because I love candy colored anything.  Not quite pastel and not bright, the perfect tones for me!

6.  What has been your favorite shoot so far?
 It changes all the time but in my top three consistently would be Anna, whom I shot in Orange County last year.  It was a personal project shoot and a little more themed than I normally do..she was a fantastic model and I was really happy with the images.
7. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Childhood, daydreaming,  beautiful people, sunlight, raw emotion.
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  1. Wow these pictures are amazing! I would KILL to know how to take these. Such a lovely blog. Thanks for the intro.

    - Sarah

  2. very beautiful photography, thanks for this post, it's inspiring.

    Thanks for your kind comments by the way!


  3. Such lovely photos! I love the soft colors and warm light. Always like to see features about Aussies! (my fiance is Australian, hence my enthusiasm for the wonderful land of Oz)

  4. Such beautiful photography, truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow, so glad you shared. I am in awe! I want to learn to capture light like this!!!


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