Monday, October 24, 2011

Glitter & Ice

Happy Monday to you all! How was your weekend? Mine was kind of chilly-which I lOVE!
So have you heard of the new line from Mac called Glitter and Ice?
This last weekend they had a big event to kick off their new holiday products! Complete with futuristic/slightly creepy ice skaters (one of which was dancing in a huge globe)! Hey it wouldn't be MAC if it wasn't extreme right?
But even better...I totally got a makeover! MAC is the queen of COLORFUL could I pass that up!?!

                                    BEFORE                                                           AFTER

I was not blessed with flawless skin. I am a bit freckly which I've come to embrace (ha)...I never wear foundation b/c I don't like the feel of it. So she used a light cover up on me, did a drastic eye (which is what I wanted) with their limited edition warm pallet.
I totally would have bought everything she used but then realized that I would NEVER take that much time to do my make up every day. So I opted out. But it was fun to play dress up for those small moments. Here is what she used (the fluidliner is my all time favorite!)

-Matchmaster Foundation
-Mineral Skin Finish Natural
-Blacktrack Fluidline
-Mineral Blush color: warm soul
-Snowglobe Eye Shadow-warm pallet

Some Tips straight from the MAC artist herself:
1. Always put a lighter/shimmery color under your brow to open the eye
2. Rotate your brush as you apply your mascara (it separates the lashes better)
3. Applying your foundation with a brush makes it go on more evenly--and apply foundation LAST.
4. Put the darkest shadow on the outer corner of your eye only-it'll give you that POP
5. Use a circular motion when applying your shadow (it blends better)

And there ya have it! If you have a MAC store around you go check out this colorific new line! :-) And get a makeover...its fun and free! :-)

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  1. mmmm I love MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc. Well... I just love makeup haha I think you're a hot mama, and freckles are a good thing to have. Makes you more distinct from others. At least that's what I tell myself and I'm more freckly than you haha

  2. You're so pretty. I need a make over really bad.

  3. Fabulous, love the glittery shadows most and thank you for the tips too.


  4. I totally agree about fluidline - it is one of the few items that is always in my make up bag - black and violet.


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