Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY: kids **no mess** painting craft

This was honestly one of my favorite crafts to do with my kids and ironically enough one of their favorites too! I loved it because it was cheap, easy and NO MESS! They loved it because they still got to use paint, and then watch as their artwork took shape and magically turned in to something unexpected and beautiful.

We have about fifty of these laying around and hanging up in our house...and I am totally okay with it.

-cd paper sleeves (I just ordered mine on amazon)
-paint colors (mine are from ikea...they are bright and there are a lot of different colors)
-glue stick

all you do is take your cd sleeve, squeeze whatever colors you want into them...glue the sleeve shut and let your kids move the paint around using their finger. They can watch the colors swirl and transform through the clear part. Lay flat and let dry.

***also...sometimes if they kids put TOO much paint it will get soggy on the back; which is why once they were finished I glued another piece of paper to the back. I think next time I might glue two cd sleeves together so that you can see the clear all the way through and then hang them on my window seal. Might be pretty nifty.

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