Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Popcorn adds the perfect punch (or should I say crunch?!)

I know I throw the word love out there like it's nothin' but I do LOVE soup...just like I love a lot of things. But, then again this blog is all about things I love so it just makes sense that this little recipe should be shared (not sure you can call it a recipe but still)

For my second day of Poppin' fun, I like to use popcorn in place of croutons because they're easier to chew and they have a certain crunch that croutons just don't have.

I like to put it in my salads and my soups. Currently I am really loving (yes, yes, loving) the simply balanced soups that are straight from the container. The tomato one is delicious as well as this one which is the butternut squash (I just add a few spices to it like salt, pepper and a little garlic salt...sometimes I'll throw in a little sour cream if I'm feeling really crazy).

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