Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Everyday MOMents

Since it has been warmer outside (oh sun how I do love you!) we have been enjoying daily park visits and picnics. During that time, as the girls go off and play, I bring with me a magazine or book.

With that said, I have been reading this beautiful book titled "Everyday MOMents" by a sweet friend of mine Jessica Poe. It has been an eye opening experience as I read her outlook on life as a full time mother and care giver. Her perspective on the every day things and the way she describes it in her book has literally made me change my thought process on so many things...even as far to say that folding laundry has become a "love letter" to my family rather then a mundane task that I slightly loathe.

I once heard some woman say that anyone can be a mother, but not everyone can be a good mother. I often think of that when I feel like I want to blow a fuse and hide in my closet as my little ones throw yet another tantrum over who got to push the elevator button first, or who got the purple sucker instead of the red...or maybe even who gets to sit on my left knee instead of my right (okay I might be over exaggerating a bit but you get the gist).

This book has reminded me that in between those moments of despair and frustration there are SO, SO many MORE moments of joy, love and complete happiness for my role as these little ones mother. It's a beautiful and ordained calling to be their nurturer and I have loved reading this book to just reiterate the importance of it all!

So in other words, go read it. It's a good one.
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  1. sometimes the kids are the real boss and its amazing how adults can be scared of a itty bitty baby sometimes lol

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