Thursday, June 25, 2015

a trip to the blue grass state...

A couple weeks ago me and my sister went out and visited my other sister who lives in good ole' Kentucky. It was so fun. We ate good food, we laughed, we walked around the town a lot looking at old charming, amazing homes; we thrifted, boutique shopped, slept in, I mean geez suddenly I'm wanting to go back. Like right now.

Kentucky really is such a beautiful state. The people are so warm and welcoming. There are fields of green with the most beautiful horses you've ever seen. Their markets are pretty awesome (I get really excited when I step into pretty food markets) and their pace of life is something I need to implement in my own. People take their time, they are gracious, they are laid back and in no hurry. It was kind of refreshing.

I have to say, I use to feel guilty when I would plan a trip away from my husband and kids. But I am slowly realizing that these trips are good for my soul every so often. Plus, the best part of going away is coming back home and embracing my lovies again. It really is a good thing to take a breather and recharge your mother batteries.

Photographed below is when we went to Shaker Village  (super interesting place!) and then took a boat ride down the Kentucky River.  The other photos are from the Lexington cemetery.  It was one of the prettiest burial sites I've ever laid eyes on; with head stones dating back to the 1800's! The history, the trees, the overall ambiance was just amazing.
 ^^^ honey testing ^^^
^^^ jet lag sort of took a toll the first day we got there ^^^
 ^^^ I kind of look pregnant in this picture, but I am not. Nope. Just looks like it. :-/ ^^^
^^^ Our thrifty finds...which we didn't buy ^^^

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