Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day Cake with a whole lotta' hearts

I haven't gotten around to posting anything for Valentines Day (see previous vday shenanigans here) which makes me sad because it really is one of my favorite holidays!

So to feel like I haven't slacked completely, here's a fun idea (and super simple) for anyone who wants to add a touch of love to their valentines treats. You could do this on cupcakes, or cookies too. They look like tiny little hearts (some a little more skiwampus than others ha) and my Sagey girl actually thought I hand did each and every single one of them. I may or may not have told her that I didn't.

Sometimes, there's something slightly satisfactory about making people think something took you waaaaaay longer than it really did. :-)

All you need is:
-a frosted cake of your choice (I used this recipe but used small rectangular pans)
-decorating gel (you can find it in the baking isle)
-a container of frosting (yep, it's the pre-made kind)
***if you want to make a small felt ball banner I got mine from Hello Maypole

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