Monday, September 22, 2014

New Orleans Part Uno

We ventured out to Albamas Gulf Shores a few weeks ago and than at the end of our trip we drove the three hours and stayed in New Orleans for a day and a half (than flew out of New Orleans). It was the perfect ending to our family vacation.

I have never been to New Orleans. To be honest the only thing that I thought of when we had finalized our traveling plans was The Princess and The Frog. I know, you can tell I have an almost four year old. Actually, that movie was pretty on the money when it came to how it portrayed New Orleans and the bayou. A lot of music, a lot of color, a lot of interesting people (bourbon street...yikes), and a lot of good food. Oh, and lets not forget that wonderful heat and humidity! I loved the architecture and the artwork on every corner. It was a fun place to visit, but I am not sure I'll go back (at least not with kids?!)

We even ventured out to the bayou and had ourselves a little alligator tour, which was pretty ah-mazing! Gators were coming out of every nook and cranny, it was a bit eery actually. Our tour guide would throw marshmallows out in the water when we spotted beady eyes, and sure enough more would follow. Who would've thought gators liked mallows?!

Anyways here are few pics of the first part of our outings in New Orleans and the bayou...
 ^^^I think this wood post has seen a few ads and posters in its day^^^
 ^^^this about sums it up...Miss hungry & sweaty grumpy pants with little nose picker
But hey, lets talk about this hot dog was mighty delicious!
 ^^^see, all she needed was a little grub in her belly. Oh, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree^^^
 ^^^back when hurricane katrina happened, this cemetery right on the bayou was completely flooded. As the water slowly receded it took with it layers of earth and left caskets uncovered and completely exposed. People had to come and bury them again. This has happened multiple times!
 ^^^ wouldn't trust your two year old next to a completely predictable gator?!?^^^

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  1. Three things. Now I need a hot dog - I also need your yellow striped skirt and you must tell me where I can get it stat - Also, that picture of Sage and Josh smiling is epic cute. That is all :)

    1. there's this place deluxe dogs in coronado that totally reminded me of this place! YOu need to try it out since you're always that way! :-) And my sister gave me this skirt for Christmas a few years's one of my faves since it doesn't squeeze or pinch in unwanted places ha. Oh and that me it's already blown up and framed on my collage wall. xoxo

  2. Love these photos! We've been talking about taking a trip to New Orleans, and now I want to go more than ever!


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