Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fireplace Makeover...

Last week, as I was sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast I was looking outside at my patio area thinking "it looks so drabby".

Than I had this bright idea to paint my "drabby" white fireplace so that it added a bit of color to the space. I went out and grabbed a few (okay like fifty) swatches and chose my favorite ones to tape up on the fireplace.

Some of you might be thinking "there's no way she was going to paint it bright pink..." oh but I am serious when I say heck yes I would have if my husband didn't live with me. However, that isn't the case and it's a good thing b/c I'm sure a bright pink fireplace would get old after a while.

Anyways I taped it off, bought a slanted bristled brush and paint...and went to work.

Color choice:  Rich Navy by Glidden Paint
 ^^^my trusty sidekick...don't let that look fool you^^^
^^^ this was taken after the first coat...I did two more after this...^^^
 ^^^ a whole new patio! Plus the ficus trees and pots helped a little :-) ^^^
^^^Then I pretended to be a good housewife, with a pie that my mom made, and take a picture outside with it ...but really I just wanted everyone who was there to admire the beauty of my fireplace that I toiled over! But let's be honest my moms pie was way to good to notice anything else :-)
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  1. Since when did your daughter get so big!? Great color on the fireplace!

  2. Oh my! I have to agree with the commenter above. That blue is definitely the perfect color for the fireplace. It looks really gorgeous and elegant. I hope all your future projects be equally successful, Aarean! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire and Outdoor


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