Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coloring Your Own Marshmallows

A little bit ago I was walking through Target and found Kraft smoremallows... they are marshmallows specifically made for smore's!!! Are you kidding me? Totally genius!

I then had this crazy/weird/who thinks of these things paint them! I brought out the food dye and we painted design after design. I must say, when all was said and done each one was like a tiny canvas...

A few days later we headed to the beach with some friends and put them to good use! The kids loved them, and it was so neat to see the roasted colors get lost between chocolate covered graham crackers.

Totally worth it my friends...and for sure there will be  "S'MORE" of this happening around here this summer!
^^^these last two photos have nothing to do with smore's...I just loved them too much not to share^^^

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  1. Those turned out amazing!! I love all the color!

  2. What an awesome idea! We have food dye markers - this would be so perfect for them!


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