Monday, March 31, 2014

Gold Leafed Easter Eggs...

Oh baby, baby...these are colorful, bold, gold, and quite fantastic. So I guess that would make these
"co-bo-go-tastic". Not to mention, they are about as easy as a pb&j and I attribute that to the dozen colorful hard boiled eggs that were pre-dyed at my local Ralphs grocery store!!!

No joke, in the egg section these were singing my name for $3.99. I couldn't pass it if you don't want to hassle with the dying process check out your grocery store and see if they carry these!

Anyways, these were super fun to create and even prettier than I thought. I have them in this milk glass bowl on my dinner table and when the light hits them just right they look like they're glowing (sounds poetic and magical huh?!) no, but seriously, they really do look magical.

You need:
-a dozen dyed hard boiled eggs
-gold leaf flakes
-modpodge or glue
-sponge brush or any brush will do the trick

Simply paint on a very, very thin layer of modpodge onto your egg. Then, with tweezers, lay your leafing. I used tweezers because this stuff likes to stick to finger tips, like a feather on tar, you'll never win and your patience will dwindle (or maybe that's just me?!). But seriously, use tweezers. Let dry and wah-lah!

 ^^^I tried it the lazy way and just rolled an egg around in some flakes...than I sort of rolled it with my hand to pat down the loose edges. It worked, but I feel like the flakes didn't look as good. 

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