Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines Day Heart-astic Headbands...

My sister showed me this amazing bohemian headdress for Thanksgiving...and so I sort of took that idea and used it to make a headdress for Valentines Day! Oh my gosh, I stuck them on my little girls and wanted to melt into a big love puddle...they looked so cute! Plus, they loved wearing them...such a fun thing for Valentines Day!
What you need: 
-a few different fabric scraps (I just got a 1/4 a yard of each pattern)
-about 1/2 yard of canvas fabric
-knit elastic
-iron on backing 
-sewing machine
 ^^^cut out your hearts (different sizes) I did about four-five per headband
^^^arrange your hearts on the "iron-on backing"
(or you can do one heart at a time...I'm just impatient so I wanted to do it all at one time)
^^^slowly flip it over making sure none of the hearts are overlapping and iron them on
(this just makes it so the fabric sit straight up)
 ^^^cut out each heart and set aside
^^^take the canvas material and fold over twice...than iron it flat so it's easier to sew together. 
 ^^^measure the canvas fabric so it fits almost around the entire head leaving about two inches of space
^^^my little assistant
 ^^^sew canvas material down the edge
^^^pin on your hearts and sew a straight line down the middle of the them
^^^insert elastic into both ends and sew to the canvas material (we messed up and did this before we sewed on the hearts...but learn from my mistake and do it at the'll make your life much easier!)
gosh I love these little peanuts...***sigh

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