Thursday, September 26, 2013

organizing my ribbon (it'll have to do for now...)

I love ribbon...thick, skinny, polka dot, checkered, burlap, bright, any ribbon...I'm a bit obsessed.

However, my spools have been hiding away in a corner because I haven't had time, or energy, to organize them. Well I finally got my rear in gear and created a contraption that does the trick.

I just bought the wooden rods at Michaels Craft Store and thats all you really need! (Eventhough they aren't as sturdy as I had hoped, it'll have to do for now!)
See what I mean by shoved in a corner?! ^^^
had to cut about five inches off to fit just right...^^^
 than I sharpened the fit in the holes of the bookshelf ^^^

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  1. Gosh, I need to do this for my ribbon. It's everywhere!!


  2. Was that one of those multi-pant hangers you were using

    in the first picture? If so, what an interesting temporary way to house ribbon - or thread - for projects. When I'm using a number of different threads on the same art quilt project I'm always trying to find a good way to 'store' them. Using a smaller version of my thread holders that I've made to sit on the sewing table works in theory, but so often I just keep adding more and never returning them to their real 'home' on their respective wall thread holders.

    Putting them on a multi-pant hanger would let me keep them 'contained,' in a way, but not somewhere I might end up continually accumulating more!

    And to add to your ribbon collection, have you been to the garment district? Talk about ribbon/trim/etc. "heaven" - and oh so much cheaper than even 40% off at a craft store!

    It's definitely a cultural experience, and can be daunting if you've not been there and are going with all newbies if everyone's not up for an adventure! The ones furthest out from the 'main' area are often far cheaper even. If you've never gone and want some good ones to check out, I'm happy to share! I've gotten to be friends with several shopkeepers at textile places also since I go up often.

    And M&L Fabrics on Ball in Anaheim has some cheap, as well, though it's mostly fabric - some really cheap, some in chaotic flat-fold stacks (think the Ross of a fabric store) some more mid-price, and some of the pricier stuff. But what's most fun is finding many of the higher end brands from other places at $3-ish a yard! Like the garment district it can be a big of digging for treasure, and it's also a cultural experience (most every employee speaks Romanian and/or another Slavic originating language). It's HUGE, in a sort of sketchy seeming old strip mall - though after the garment district it wouldn't phase most people - and, until recently, didn't have a restroom yet could easily be a multi-hour destination. There IS now a restroom, but I'd highly advise stopping at a near by fast food place on the way instead. It's about as 'good' as most of the pay ones in the garment district!

    Anyway, if you've not been to either, both are definitely worth hitting up sometime! But they really can't be done in the same day. Your best bet is doing a full day at the garment district (you can easily do more than that) unless you ONLY want trims or beads. Going all that way and missing out on the textiles, other funky things, or the experience of Sante Alley would be a shame! :-)

    I've started going up and doing M&L on the way up and staying near LAX and then going early to get a nice long day at the garment district, especially from late fall to late spring when things close earlier because it gets dark earlier!

    Like I said, if you've never been and want some specific good spots, I'm happy to share! It's definitely colour-lover heaven! :-)

    1. my gosh I loved everything about this post...and how incredibly helpful you are! I am actually looking for a good fabric spot to find something perfect for my downstairs roman shades! Thank you so much for all this great info!

      Oh and to answer your question, yes it was a pant hanger but it started getting a bit annoying because I had different sized spools and so they'd hit each other. Anyways anytime you want to share some great, informative spots (since I think I might take a day trip to LA one of these days) please don't hesitate to share!


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