Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm a wannabe and I'm proud of it...

I attempted a little art project last week. I needed something above Sage's bed...bare walls don't fly with me :-). So I was on the search for something that wasn't too heavy, something that matched her bedding...something that wasn't too frilly or cheap looking.

I had no luck. So I decided I'd paint something myself. If anything, I can say it's got some sentimental first painting for my little girl?!?!

I loved getting in touch with my inner Monet! It was quite therapeutic too, whippin' the paint brush wherever my heart desired! Moral of my story---don't be afraid to create something for a place in your home, rather than buying it. Sometimes, it's the ONE thing that just gives the room that last and final "touch"!

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  1. It's very pretty! The colors are gorgeous.

  2. Looks amazing. Love the colors. :)

    Because of Madalene

  3. Definitely has sentimental value! It's soooo lovely too. I'm really digging the little specks on the corners. Well done!

  4. Amazing colors and love the details with the dots! Most of the times, things that we make with our own hands are more precious and beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous! Where did the bedding come from?

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