Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pickled Beets (my grammys recipe!)

A couple weeks ago this sweet lady at my church gave me a ton of beets she had from her garden! It was amazing! So, what do you do with a huge box of beets?! Well, thanks to my grandma who got me hooked on pickle 'em!

I know, a lot of people cringe at the thought of pickled beets. But, don't hate until you've tried them...I tell ya I eat these by the jarfuls! I love them!

This recipe isn't hard, it's just a bit time consuming. It took us about 3 1/2-4 hours to boil, peel and jar them.  It was totally worth it. Now I have over a dozen cans of these beauties. :-)
Let's just say I was a bit overwhelmed to even begin to tackle this bug invested pile of fresh veggies. 
This was about the size of my head! 
 Oh, and lets talk about the color?! Beets have the most amazing color...which stains everything it touches--learned that the hard way ha.

 What you'll need:
-Quart sized jars (make sure you boil the lids)
-2 cups sugar
-2 cups apple cider vinegar
-2 cups water

clean and boil beets in salt water. Once they are soft (just test by poking them with a fork, if it slides in easy than they're done!) take them out and let cool. In the meantime heat 2 cups water, 2 cups apple cider vinegar and 2 cups sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, you can turn off the heat. Than, peel, dice and place your beets in jars. Fill them up with your liquid and seal with your boiled lids. After a few hours your lids should "pop". That means they're sealed!

Let them sit for about 2 weeks to get fully pickled! Is your mouth watering yet?! :-)
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  1. Pickled beets are my favourite!!!!! I love them in salads and straight out of the jar! This recipe seems so simple-I've always been intimidated of canning. Might have to try this recipe later this summer!

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe =D
    SO nice of you =]

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  3. I LOVE pickled beets - so pinning this as my Gram's recipe keeps changing with her number of birthdays ;) xo


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