Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Color(s) Of Restoration Hardware...

The other day, my husband brought in the mail; and what to my wandering eyes should appear...but five BIBLE size catalogs from Restoration Hardware!!! (didn't even mean to rhyme...gosh I love when that happens!) Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with R.H. I would take one of everything they've got. Not to mention, now that I am trying to find just the right paint colors for my house...R.H. has the best shades of greys, blues and tans. They really do.

However, (like my friend Mary so eloquently stated) it's just to much! Much to much, upon much to much paper! I'm quite convinced that they used a forest of trees to make these stinkin' catalogs. I felt guilty throwing them away. I will admit I loved sifting through their pages, and getting great ideas for my "someday" rooms...but still?!  Restoration Hardware, maybe try going a little more "green" next time around?!

As for paint colors... I am LOVING the Flint Paint Collection and the Silver Sage collection (ironic that I would love the collection with the name Sage in it; since that's my little ones name)

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