Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coloring Your Luscious Locks

I remember the first time my mom let me know put a few highlights in my hair...I was in seventh grade and you would have thought it was Christmas day with how excited I was! Even it it was two foils, but still those two highlights were the greatest thing ever (at least I thought). Since then I have continued to color my hair. There is just something about getting your hair "done" that makes you feel like a new person (well, thats if you like the outcome!)

Pros to coloring your hair:
1. Hiding those greys
2. enhances skin tone
3. generally improves your overall look

1. can be pricey and inconvenient
2. the dye fades and starts looking a bit brassy or ashy all to quickly

Now...I am no hair stylist or anything of the sort! But I have found a few ways to prolong the inevitable when it comes to your colored locks. So, I thought I'd share!
1. Biggest culprit is water! Yep, good ole' H2O is the primary reason for your color don't wash your hair daily. Thats the remedy.
2. When you do wash...use products made for colored hair (I love Redken or Pureology)
3. Don't skip on conditioner (it boosts shine)

There ya have it! Tell me,for those who color their hair, do you have a favorite product or technique to keeping it stay a bit longer and keep it's "freshness"?! Do share!

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  1. I recently ombre'd my hair, and I wanted to keep the carmel blonde from going brassy. I bought John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Colour preserving shampoo and it really makes my blonde blonder! Pleasantly surprised!

  2. I do a weekly conditioning treatment with coconut oil and it seems to really help my color stay fresh-looking. I work the coconut oil through my hair and scalp (I have dry skin so I can get away with this!) then wrap it all up in a towel for about a half hour. Shampoo and condition as usual. I think it helps!

  3. I've been coloring my hair for years - pink, purple, teal, ombre blues, yellow, blonde, red & purple, you name it! Your recommendations are spot on! Also, as L.A. mentioned, color specific shampoos are great - Purple shampoos help blondes from going brassy but can't do much much to prevent roots, red shampoos help the color last longer. Also, you have to try different brands of color (especially bright crayola colors) because your hair may accept one more than another. I once had a Paul Mitchell purple in my hair that faded out within a month but had Jerome Russell Punky Color in purple that lasted forever and finally faded to magenta. I use Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo by KMS California and Ion Color Defense Conditioners to keep my blonde platinum and soft and highly recommend them to anyone! :)


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