Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silver Metal & Wood

I have decided (after having to choose paint colors, tiles, fabrics and carpet for our home) that I am much more drawn to colors with grey undertones.  It's like I've unintentionally trained my eyes to like things with shades of grey...I'm scared my home is going to look like grey barfed all over it.

My mother in law always said that you are either one of two people when it comes to the overall undertone of decorating... a grey lover or a gold lover. She is much more of a gold/tan/brown lover... and welp I'm the opposite.

I am really loving the metal  bartsools that are super hot right now! Slap on a little piece of wood for a nice touch of warmth and I think I just might have narrowed it down to my top six!

3. Rena from Barstools

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