Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Bruschetta-- In honor of Mozarrela Di Bufala

When we went to Italy last April...I fell IN LOVE with a little something called mozarella di bufala. Josh always talked about how good it was. He'd say "I'd just eat it like an apple" and I would dry heave just thinking of biting into a big hunk of soft cheese the size of an apple. Oh, but how wrong I was...when we were in Rome Josh found a truck selling it on the streets. He bought a big apple sized ball of it and couldn't wait to sink his teeth right on in. That day, I found one of my favorite foods of all time. Let's just say it was a good thing I had a bun in the oven to use that as an excuse to eat double ha.

So, fast forward to the other day when I was in Costco. I spotted a container of this stuff and you bet your bottom dollar I bought it. So I thought "why not create Valentine Bruschetta with the cheese I love oh so much..."

**Now I didn't have any of the french bread so I just did it with tomatoes and the cheese so just imagine it on top of bread. It would have been that much better.

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  1. Oh my, that looks so tasty! It would make a great little app for Valentine's :)

  2. so great, and look tasty!
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