Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Room Makeover...

My good old mother dearest did a little update in her guest room a few weeks ago. I  SO wish I had pictures of what this room looked like before. I'll just have to paint a picture for you to imagine...think a lot of browns and reds. Red walls, brown duvet...with a touch of country in the decor. The bathroom was half painted and had chipped orange spanish tiles for the flooring. As for the flooring in the bedroom, it was old forest green carpet that needed a serious update. That was the before.

So, My sister and I talked my mom into doing more of an eclectic feel...with bright blues, yellows and pinks. She got a lot of the pillows and nic-nacks at Home Goods. Her duvet she kept simple and white (b/c there was a lot goin' on with the pillows) which she got at Target (best store ever!). They retiled the bathroom floor with small marble square tiles, and ripped out the old carpet and replaced it with some nice dark wood slats. She than bought some great fabric at Joannes and whipped up some curtains (she is great with the needle and thread I tell ya!). For the headboard, she actually found it at a consignment store, and just touched it up with some paint!

Honestly, we all fight for this room when we visit home. It's perfectly eclectic and so much better than the bright red walls and poopy brown (yes it really was poopy brown) bedding; now I can openly admit it ha.

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  1. Very lovely indeed! Especially the details (the towl hook etc.), they're really special!

  2. It's gorgeous!! I love all the bold color. And I especially love the art. Beautiful job!

  3. I adore! I am so inspired by the gallery wall over the bed.

  4. This room looks great! I love those flower curtains.

    <3 Melissa

  5. love it! i love the different types of flower patterns. makes it less showroom/catalog you know!

  6. Wow!!! So all have "the eye!"

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