Thursday, August 30, 2012

Geometric Graphic Flooring...

Do you ever watch HGTV? Oh my gosh, Josh and I love watching the home makeover shows! When they show the final renovation (at the end) I am always amazed at two things: 1.)  How much paint color can drastically change a living space and 2.) how flooring can make your home look like a completely different living space!

I have been LOVING graphic tile (for flooring, back splashes, shower walls, etc) I think it adds a touch of creativity without being so "in your face".  I was playing around with a few photos of flooring I love and making different variations of "tile" options--who knows maybe some day I'll actually use one of these ideas for my future home?! ;-) **oh a gal can dream right?! 
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  1. I die for all of those floors. So much color, it makes the room so fun and probably a fab conversation piece.

    -Stephanie @

  2. so cool. I love floors that have character to them!


  3. awhh i love that. i especially love the brown and white one!


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